Hi, my name is James Warren, and I want to thank you for coming to my website. If you wish you knew the secret to finding the right entertainer for your important event, with the least amount of Googling and time-consuming phone calling, you’re in the right place. I’ve been amazing people across America for over two decades, including 13 consecutive years of performances at the private club for magicians in Hollywood, California, The Magic Castle. Private parties, conventions, conferences, corporate sales meetings and holiday parties – I’ve done them all. My corporate clients include Bank One, Hostess Cakes, Marshalls, Boeing, and many others.

I’m thrilled that over and over again clients tell me that my magic is the most mind-blowing they’ve ever seen. And there’s a reason for that: most of the magic I do is buried deep inside books. It’s not material generally performed. I don’t buy “tricks” from the internet. I deepen my magical learning by studying the written legacy of great masters of the art. I’ve spent 20,000 hours studying, selecting, practicing, and rehearsing only those routines that I know will blow your mind, stimulate your imagination – and sometimes even touch your heart.

I’m so proud to have put smiles and astonishment on the faces of thousands of people of all ages. I’m able to take them to another place, where they forget the worries and concerns of their life in the world, and I transport them into moments of belly-whopping joy! It makes all my efforts worthwhile.

My story is a bit different. At the age of nine I was given a magic set for a Christmas present, and it was love at first sight. But unlike many other professional magicians, once I graduated from high school I put magic aside to pursue years of study in psychology, philosophy, and theology. For a couple of decades, I sought to deepen my knowledge of myself and the world, and to work on character flaws and make myself a better person. The result was that I made the decision to become a professional magician much later in life than most others – but I came back to magic with a depth of understanding and a set of skills that I would have completely lacked had I spent my 20s and 30s obsessed with a deck of cards.

I believe a magician should be far more than an ego-driven, attention-seeking trickster. I’ve been so gratified by the comments I’ve received over the years from satisfied clients who tell me how much they appreciate the respectful way I interact with their staff or guests. When I do strolling magic, I get to know the people I’m performing for, and I’m able to tailor my performance just for them. When I do after-dinner shows and stage performances, I use tons of audience participation – and I make them the stars!

Event planners tell me that my professionalism has enabled them to relax, knowing that I will show up ahead of time, totally prepared. They know there won’t be any complaints that the magician was rude or insulting, or complaints about blue material. They also know I’m not going to show up at a wedding reception or elegant corporate dinner dressed like the Mad Hatter, and I’m not going to attempt to impress adults with silly children’s tricks. And event planners know that my performances will result in compliments paid to them for their excellent choice of entertainment.

I love it when the host comes up to me after the party and says, “James, I was so busy engaging with everyone that I didn’t have time to see any of your magic – but I’ve heard nothing but raves. Everyone is talking about you!” (And at that point, if they have a minute, I get to show them a sample of what they missed.)

(By the way, don’t take my word for it: take a jump over to my “Reviews” page and read dozens of comments from party and event planners, testifying to the impact of my magical entertainment.)

So when you hire me to entertain your party guests, or pitch your product at a trade show, or do an assembly for your school, know that you’re getting something special, something different. And remember my personal GUARANTEE: your staff, employees, clients, and guests will be absolutely thrilled with my high-energy magic and mentalism, or I’ll give you the show FREE and donate $100 to your favorite charity!

After thousands of shows, I’ve always been paid – not only with money, but also with the satisfaction that comes from helping people like yourself create lasting memories for the important events in your life.

I LOVE what I do, and I’m privileged and proud to have made a living doing it. I believe you’ll love it too, and your guests will praise your choice of entertainment. Thanks for entrusting me with your special event.

Gifting you with moments of amazement.

Holding you suspended in astonishment.

Opening your mind to new possibilities!

James Warren
James Warren

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