James Warren has been amazing people across America for over two decades. When living in California, he entertained audiences every year for 13 straight years at the famous private club for magicians in Hollywood, California, The Magic Castle, performing in all three showrooms. Private parties, conventions, conferences, corporate sales meetings and holiday parties – James has been there. Clients include Bank One, Hostess Cakes, Marshalls, Boeing, and many others.

What makes James different? His desire to really blow an audience’s mind. James’ act is fun, humorous and involves lots of audience participation, but he does not sacrifice magic for laughs. If you want a comedian, hire one. If you want to amaze and astonish an audience with impossibilities they have never experienced before, hire James.

James offers two types of magic: Mingling Magic, where he mixes and mingles among your guests at cocktail parties or other events where people are seated at tables or milling about; and Command Performance – a platform show for a seated audience, sometimes presented as pure entertainment, and sometimes incorporating a company message or product into the show.

Much of James Warren’s experience has been with corporate and private parties, entertaining adults. If that is your audience, there are three things you don’t want: you don’t want a magician who does silly children’s magic; you don’t want a magician who is rude and insulting to audience volunteers; and you don’t want a magician who wears a silly outfit, who looks like the Mad Hatter from Wonderland. You want someone with a look of sophistication, who does uplifting and clean material, and magic that is state-of-the-art and guaranteed to lift your audience to levels of amazement they’ll never forget.

You also want someone professional and easy to work with, and with thousands of events under his performance belt, James’ work for you will be smooth and easy as silk.

Plus, James offers all his clients a GUARANTEE rarely offered by magicians. If your guests aren’t blown away by James’ magic and don’t love the performance, YOU DON’T PAY! If a guarantee like that sounds risky, that’s because you haven’t seen James in action. After thousands of shows, James has always been paid – with money and gratitude for the memories he creates.

James Warren loves what he does. You’ll love it too, and your guests will compliment you on your choice of entertainment.

Gifting you with moments of amazement.

Holding you suspended in astonishment.

Opening your mind to new possibilities!

James Warren
James Warren

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